Best Enemies

Best Enemies

written by Michael Kimball
directed by Stephanie Ross
October 15-25, 2015 @ 7:30pm
Preview October 14, 2015 @ 7:30pm
Studio Theater at Portland Stage

Best EnemiesBest Enemies is the story of two cowboys marooned together on a tiny desert island. To preserve their sanity, they’ve invented imaginary geography and instituted a system of laws, but ultimately they go to
war over their shared cowboy hat. As they rob each other of food and sleep – as their carefully constructed universe begins to unravel – each man faces his death and, in so doing, each begins examining his life.

Rex, true to the traditions of the American western, is a grim loner haunted by his past. Cody is a rodeo clown (or “barrelman”) with a lust for conversation and a gnawing curiosity about his secretive island mate.

For the most part, Best Enemies is a two-man play on a stage with minimal set and only two real props (a stick and a rock), until three characters – apparitions? hallucinations? – appear during the play’s final arc. One is Jesus, who offers Rex pizza, beer, and forgiveness. The other two are Cody’s former lovers: Lu-Ann, a rodeo groupie; and Angela, the lost love who left Cody to marry a quiet, dependable man.

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Previous praise for Michael Kimball:

“Some of Michael Kimball’s humor is black and some of it is blue, and he shoots it at us at a whiz-bang slapstick pace that leaves us alternately laughing, squirming and gasping for breath.” — Boston Globe

“Sly, haunting and remarkably fun . . . Immensely entertaining.” — Portland Phoenix

“Smart, funny, poignant and creepy.” — Portsmouth Herald

“Kimball is humane enough to capture our hearts and wicked enough to make us laugh our asses off.” — Stephen King

Best Enemies produced by Pie Man Theatre Company and Best EnemiesNew YORK Theatre Company. Written by Michael Kimball, directed by Steph Ross. Featuring Josh Brassard, Chris Davis, Jacqueline Ann Casella, and Cameron Foley. Played October 15-25, 2015 (no shows Oct 19-20), with a preview Wednesday, October 14. Shown at the Studio Theater at Portland Stage, 25A Forest Avenue, Portland ME.


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